Spiderman Slash

Where Canon Is Disregarded and Peter Does Not Necessarily End-up With M.J.

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Suspecting the tension between Harry and Peter is a cover-up for something more?

Sure that the Green Goblin had "ulterior motives" for wanting to team up with Spiderman?

Thinking perhaps Norman Osborn's affection toward Peter was more than just "fatherly"?

Well, then, this is the community for you. Here you can write fanfiction, make icons, chat about your fav spidey slash pairings, etc. All who are interested are invited to join and spread the slash around, but you need to follow the rules:

1. Know what slash is. As ridiculous as this may sound, I don't want anyone to join this community without realizing what it's about. So basically slash refers to a romantic relationship between two men. If you didn't already realize this, and the very idea disgusts you, please leave.

2. Content Entries should pertain to Spiderman slash or at least the Spiderman fandom. No spamming, and no advertizing unless it's spiderman related. Fanfics, fanart, icons, recommendations, challenges, requests are all permitted provided they stay on topic.

3. NO flaming. Whether it's for a story, fanart, or simply an opinion, flaming is NOT aloud. You risk banning on the first offense depending on how bad the flame is. As for fan works, constructive criticism is great, and I, personally, find it quite useful as long as it is polite.

4. When to use an lj-cut. If the fanfic is longer than 100 words. Place all images behind a cut, and as for icons, anything over six icons should be behind a cut as well. For adult content reasons, please see Rule #5 below.

5. Adult Content Everything from G to NC-17 is permitted, BUT anything R-rated and up (I don't care how short it is) must be placed behind an lj-cut with a VERY obvious warning. If I find a post that does not follow this guideline, I may add in an lj-cut, or it will be deleted and an e-mail will be sent to notify the poster. Repeat offenders will be banned for a month. I don't want to place an age restriction on this community so give me a break.

6. Regarding het. [generally pertains to fanfics] Het is not a bad thing. I am not anti-het. HOWEVER, this is a slash community. Although het is permitted, it should not be a fic's main pairing or what the story centers around, but yes, in minimal quantities it is allowed.

7. Most important rule. Have fun! ^_^

And please feel free to join/x-post to the twin community spideyslash, created by alevai, and like all twins, both of the groups were created on the same day. Gotta love the irony...

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